What is the Fit Xperience?

Our Fit Xperience is an in-store fitting room technology that offers a fast, easy and safe virtual scan to give bra recommendations matched to your body shape. This exciting technology scans your body in a Savage X fitting room and generates your best bra fit. The process is simple and safe. To get started, you first register, then change into the recommended garments in the fitting room (unlined bra) and begin your scan, which involves standing in position to allow the fitting room technology to capture a 3D avatar of your body measurements. Once your scan is complete, you will be able to shop your Savage X Fenty bra matches for your exact body shape.

Fit Xperience is currently available at 5 of our retail store locations: Las Vegas, Houston, Culver City, King of Prussia, and Arlington. All our store locations, including their opening dates, hours, and directions, can be found here.

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